Joshua Dorfman, a metaphysical teacher, healer and Divine instrument for Spirit, heard the call from Mount Shasta to pack up and move to California. In January of 2020, he arrived to the mountain from New York City where he was born and raised. Born extrasensory, Joshua incarnated into a family of healers, seers and mystics, where all the women from both sides of his family were gifted with abilities. For over 15 years, Joshua has been self-taught, accepting wisdom and influence from teachers along the way while adhering to his inner guidance and direct connection to Source.

Joshua stepped into his role of leadership in 2014 offering healing, meditation and life coaching services as a walking embodiment of Light. He is a community builder and space holder for unity and communication, creating a safe space for people of all walks of life to evolve through self-realization and the integration of Spirit into the human experience. He has been offering his services one on one and in group environments and has even brought meditation to corporate settings such as A&E TV Networks, Broadway productions such as Hamilton, in addition to the fashion industry while simultaneously working with your everyday man and woman.

Joshua is a certified Reiki Master and holds multiple certifications in Vortex Healing. He is a channel for a language called The Voice of the Ancients, which facilitates deep healing, soul journeying and storytelling. Over the years, he has been offering sound healing journey’s utilizing the language, vocal tones and sound healing instruments. A passionate and dedicated being, he knows his mission in life is to change the world by elevating consciousness; teaching people how to become a master at merging all polarities into harmony.




My vision ifor a HUmanity that is unified as One. I want you to be happy. In life we need balance. Sometimes that balance means needing some clarity, a little insight or guidance, and that’s okay. I have been fortunate to have guidance and assistance from mentors and from Spirit throughout my life. The services I provide are my way of giving back to the people. If I can provide you answers that give you peace of mind, a healing that makes you feel like a brand new person, a conversation with a loved one who has passed on, a mentorship to heal deep emotional wounds, or guidance into yourself to find your own innate metaphysical abilities, then I AM living my purpose I am here to change the world one person at a time. I believe ANYTHING is possible, and I know in my heart that if you choose to work with me, it is because something higher than both of us has brought us together. I am here to give to you what was given to me: A guiding Light in a Loving way, because YOU MATTER.