Joshua Dorfman - a healer, life coach, and educator in a class of his very own.

Born extrasensory, he always had a gift enabling him to know things beyond the physical. Driven by a clear purpose to help people, Joshua uses his clairvoyant and empathic abilities to support others looking for more balance and deep spiritual healing. He has developed a full time practice offering one on one healing, weekly meditation classes, custom corporate seminars, life coaching, and mentorship programs.

From the corporate cubicles of A&E TV network to backstage at Broadway performances Hamilton and On Your Feet, Joshua is a highly sought after corporate wellness facilitator, focusing on mindfulness and meditation. Recently, Joshua has been featured as a panelist at the New York Board of Education and The New Museum illustrating the power of Sound as a tool for Mindfulness. He has been hired to create educational classes for online platforms and as a wellness consultant for up and coming businesses. 

Joshua is a certified Reiki Master and Vortex healer.




My vision is simple: I want you to be happy. In life we need balance. Sometimes that balance means needing some clarity, a little insight or some guidance, and that’s okay. I have been fortunate to have guidance and assistance from mentors and from spirit throughout my life. The services I provide are my way of giving back to humanity. If I can provide you answers that give you peace of mind, a healing that makes you feel like a brand new person, a conversation with a loved one who has passed on, a mentorship to heal deep emotional wounds, or guidance into yourself to find your own innate metaphysical abilities, then my purpose is fulfilled. I am here to change the world one person at a time. I believe ANYTHING is possible, and I know in my heart that if you choose to work with me, it is because something higher than both of us has brought us together. I am here to give to you what was given to me: A guiding Light in a Loving way, because YOU MATTER.