Balance. Harmony. Mastery.

"If we were meant to do this alone, we would not have the profound yearning to relate, and sharing with another would never be so healing"


Joshua Dorfman, a metaphysical teacher, healer and Divine instrument for Spirit, heard the call from Mount Shasta to pack up and move to California. In January of 2020, he arrived to the mountain from New York City where he was born and raised. Born extrasensory, Joshua incarnated into a family of healers, seers and mystics, where all the women from both sides of his family were gifted with abilities. For over 15 years, Joshua has been self-taught, accepting wisdom and influence from teachers along the way while adhering to his inner guidance and direct connection to Source.


My vision ifor a HUmanity that is unified as One. I want you to be happy. In life we need balance. Sometimes that balance means needing some clarity, a little insight or guidance, and that’s okay.

  • Distance Reiki Healing

  • Distance Vortex Healing

  • Chakra Assessment/Reiki Combo

  • Spirit Guidance Reading

  • Coaching Call

  • ​Coaching Program