I have been working with Joshua for about 2 years now.  Almost immediately, I noticed a difference in me--I felt more grounded and better able to clearly distinguish my own intuitive voice.  I have since gained more confidence, and I’m surer in my choices. 


I’ve also recently gone through a very challenging time dealing with a sick parent.  Joshua has been adept at helping me to re-frame this process, whereby I’m not merely a passive witness/victim, but I can see the transformative power of this spiritual journey. This change in perspective that Joshua has helped facilitate in me has been profound.  It has completely revised how I orient myself in this life. I know now that I am not alone in this journey.  Working with Joshua has inspired me to lean into my faith more and to trust that a higher power is truly guiding me and walking with me.  


Joshua has a true gift, and I’m grateful he has chosen to channel it in this way!


Kim Williams

New York, NY

Getting a healing with Joshua is like being attuned back into my higher self. I can truly say that he is one of the best. I travel far from Long Island because his sessions are affirming, grounding, and life changing. He always makes me feel comfortable and at ease, always listens with unconditional love, and always says exactly what I need to hear at that time. I leave his sessions feeling energized, empowered, and reassured. His knowledge in so many different areas is what makes his sessions profound and unlike any other! He is extremely effective in communicating with Spirit, decoding and analyzing symbolic images and messages, moving and releasing stagnant energy from the field, and allowing himself to truly be a conduit of love, light and healing energy. Joshua, thank you for your services as a Light worker. You are appreciated more then words can put together. Namaste Brother. 

Kelly Donna Parsley

Long Island, NY

 I was referred to Joshua and was told about his excellent work in Reiki healing. After a series of different events that had me worried and being told that I was being attacked with witchcraft and spells, I felt compelled to reach out to Joshua. He made himself available for a 1:1 session quickly. Upon meeting him, there was an immense sense of warmth, tranquility, and a feeling that I cannot describe. It was very welcoming, inviting, and I immediately felt at home with him. We spoke a bit about my situation, and after some time, our session began. I felt deep and tall waves of energy flow from my head down to the tips of my feet, surging backward up towards my head, and I felt this flow of energy to continue on and on and over and over. I felt as though the energy of my body was reinstating on its own.. I can’t really seem to find the words to best describe it. It is truly difficult to explain. I also began seeing colors, vivid yet dimensional, moving colors with different layers and shapes; it was an astral experience. They were colors that I had never seen before in my life that I cannot describe. As Joshua made his way towards the sacral and solar chakra areas, my stomach made a very weird noise, almost like indigestion. The sound came from the lower left-hand side of my body. Days prior, I was in the hospital for that same area due to a cyst that had ruptured in my ovary. I’ve noticed a significant difference in the area; there’s been a huge reduction in pain. I've also watched my diet and will continue to cleanse at home both through parasite cleansing agents as well as health foods as instructed. I have been much better at letting go of the past and moving on. I seem to have been stuck in this psychological warfare of thoughts that continuously crept back from the crypt. I was able to not only suppress deep and dark thoughts having to do with those who have done me wrong in the past, but also being able to forgive so much more now as compared to before to help in permanently letting go of past traumas.

I look forward to my Vortex healing session with Joshua 1:1 as well as continuously seeking Reiki healing from Joshua until I know that I am 100% back to my inner child. I highly recommend his work. He knows what he’s doing, hands down. For sure.

Laneatte C.

Brooklyn, New York

            When I first met Joshua, I was at one of the lowest points in my life. Joshua has a gift of being able to sense what people are feeling and going through without that person saying anything. On the first night I met him, I remember him telling me “Don’t be afraid of the dark, because without the dark you wouldn’t see the stars”.  From the moment of first meeting Joshua, he makes you feel welcome, accepted, and comforted. There’s no judgment and it’s always a safe place with Joshua.  I have taken his meditation classes, workshops, healing sessions and have attended his sound baths. Each event was a step towards healing. 


Joshua always genuinely offers his guidance. He has always been available to answer a question, and not only answer a question, but he gives it his all, by also explaining the process of anything you are going through, giving you resources, recommending books, and also acknowledging your progress.  Joshua’s words have brought comfort to me through many dark moments. Throughout this time of transformation and spiritual awakening, Joshua has been a blessing in my life. I highly recommend him. 

Anna Bizzaro

Brooklyn, NY

I've been attending your class as regularly as possible for 3 months now. In that time I have received a more open definition of mindfulness and meditation. 


Since taking your class I have had visions that I can't explain (not without interpretation), I found a group of people who form a community unlike any other I've ever been a part of though somehow its as if on a subconscious level we all know each other and when we come together we are one. 

It's a new kind of home or sense of belonging and a gift I'm honored to receive. 
Its more than class its a profound sense of love and appreciation that is shared in each of us, in the room and beyond. Thank you for leading the class, thank for all that you do. 

Rose Lucchetto

Brooklyn, New York

My session with Joshua was absolutely incredible!

What I experienced, is hard to put into words, I've never experienced anything like it.  Where do I begin..... 

My experience confirmed that I’m being guided by a higher power, and will keep me grounded to what's really important in this world and in this lifetime.  I finally know my life's purpose and soul’s mission. 

I really wish I could share my experience in detail, but the truth is, that my Experience, was customized for my soul, I constantly reminisce about those hours and continuously feel wowed!!! But I will tell you this, I felt enlightened, with an outer body experience that connected me to a higher consciousness, and a source within myself that gave me insight into the importance of love and forgiveness.  The session put back together the fragmented pieces of my soul, I feel like a better version of me, my energy is brighter then ever, I feel so privileged to have been given such a magnificent gift from the universe.

Joshua Dorfman is truly heaven sent, he’s extremely gifted, If you are thinking of trying Vortex Healing, please do, You're probably being guided to do so, Something wonderful will come out of it, as it did for me.

Thank you Joshua from the bottom of my heart.  I feel honored to have been guided to you and can't wait to meet again. 

Jasmine M.

Brooklyn, New York

" Re-aligning energies is a subtle art-form that can have a profound impact on well-being. I had no idea how profound until I had a session with Joshua. A consummate professional first and foremost, he instantly makes you feel at ease and gets to work diagnosing what you need to feel whole. He has embraced his unique gift to see, understand, and heal unseen forces to re-align chakras. Translating the experience into words to properly do it justice is difficult- but beautiful, positive, freeing, special, and deeply centering all apply. HIGHLY recommend."

Christine A.

New York, NY

“ So…he spoke to whom?!?!”  

Those were my exact words when a old friend called and said she had recently visited a medium, 

and was able to talk to her deceased uncle.

Being the skeptic I am, I took her “meeting” as sheer coincidence, 

"he probably had some past knowledge about your uncle and used it against you, I said."

Unconvinced, my friend suggested I take the plunge and converse with my mother who passed on. 

On a quiet Wednesday morning, Joshua Dorfman entered my home and

 instantly managed to put me at ease, holding my right hand he closed his eyes and looked like he entered another world.

Suddenly, my mother was in the room with us. He described her with incredible detail that only I could know. 

He spoke to me in a way only my mother would speak to me. I felt her warmth beside me.

I can honestly say that Joshua Dorfman is a blessed individual with an amazing gift.

I sincerely recommend his services to any one who needs spiritual help and guidance.

Thank you, Joshua.

Michael Palmer

Queens, New York

Joshua is a compassionate and caring healer. He provides a safe and open environment for dialogue and exchange of thoughts to allow for full revelation of the barriers one creates in order to break free of them. Through the use of crystals and transcendental music, Josh guides you to tap into your inner wisdom as you expand beyond your spiritual boundaries.

I had the opportunity to partake in two profound sessions with Josh. The first was for Chakra Balancing, utilizing strategic placement of a crystal grid. I experienced a multitude of physical releases during my trance and upon completion I felt totally connected to every cell in my body. I also felt compelled to create sacred space for myself that I was craving but did not allow for until that day. It was a dramatic shift in my perspective of energetic fields.


The second session was to reconnect with my spirit through guided meditation and his “metaphysical healing”. I felt a sense of clarity and calm during the quiet time that my mind and body needed as I drifted to a place of serenity and lightness. At the end of that session, I felt completely without stress and clear headed.


I highly recommend a session with Joshua. It will be a unique and magical experience.

Kathy Yan

New York, NY

 I went to a healing session with Josh about 3 wks ago. I was feeling very blocked and not being able to move forward in all areas of my life( happiness, career, family etc..). I was seeing and hearing everyone around me receiving messages, signs, opportunities and just overall dreams coming to pass, I guess you could say I was having a serious case of the Poor Me's! Josh was able to tell me signs I was receiving, where and when feathers were being sent to me, the feeling of someone holding and rubbing my hand ( which I hadn't told anyone about) songs being heard. AMAZING!


During the actual healing session I could feel the negative energy being pulled from my head and thru my feet, the only way I can describe it is it was like getting a massage but for your mind and soul. Josh was very comfortable to be around very professional, complete trust! Josh also explained that healing continues after the session, and boy has it ever! I was driving to work about a week ago I turned on the radio and heard the name Gabriel ( 2 hosts were randomly talking about someone named Gabriel) I turned the station and Peter Gabriel's song " In your eyes" was playing, I'm sitting at a light and a truck is making a turn in front of me with the name Gabriel written on it  but get this it was spelt Gab A Real (he was definitely telling me, yea I'm for real) and just recently I found out that Gabriel is my birth Angel, how cool is that?! Looking forward to future sessions with Josh and definitely going to take one of his guided meditation classes. Love and Light! 

Ron Fricke

Staten Island, NY

I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to meditate with Joshua!  He creates a warm and inviting atmosphere where all are welcome.  He is knowledgeable, sincere, and passionately shares his gifts with others.  His calm spirit gently guides you through the experience and you will walk away feeling peaceful and centered. It doesn’t matter if this is your first time meditating or an addition to your current practice, I assure you that attending his classes regularly will have a profound and lasting effect on your life!

I decided to take my personal growth a step further and reach out to Joshua for mentoring.  He’s an active listener, patient, kind, and understanding.  He was able to help me clarify exactly where I am on my journey and guide me toward my goals both personally and spiritually.  When I lost my way, he was there to compassionately guide me back to my intended path.  Joshua was able to see qualities in me that I have forgotten about or never even realized were there and encourage me to embrace them and live up to my potential.  My self-awareness and growth is tremendous and I’m living more authentically every day!  With his support, I feel revitalized and continually motivated to face my fears and reach my goals. The growth I have experienced since working with Joshua is invaluable and my heart is full of gratitude!

Laura Clarke

Austin, TX

I arrived with no expectations but a need for balance. I found myself unfocused and cloudy at a time in my life where I felt I should be more grounded. My session allowed me to discuss my current emotions and receive feedback from a spiritual point of reference. 


I had the option to do energy work or channel a loved one and I chose to channel. Through this experience I was able to connect with a loved one in a way that was both healing and enlightening.


My uncle and I were very connected and his recent passing left a lot of unanswered questions. When Josh connected with him he expressed my uncles words for me in the same way that he spoke to me when he was alive. I was confident that it was him and he answered questions that I only asked him in my prayers. It was amazing to have that closure. Since the session I have received many signs from my uncle and because of what I learned from Josh, I am usually able to identify them right away.


When connecting to the other side you can be given insight as to how to enhance your life experiences. However, you need someone who has the heart, gift and knowledge to translate for you. Josh did all of those things for me in a respectful and kind demeanor.


I left my session feeling lighter and awakened but also knew that I had only skimmed the surface of the work that still needed to be done on my part. I have since taken several meditation classes with Josh to further expand my ability to learn to look and heal within. I am still a work in progress but feel like I have found a personal tutor on my quest for spiritual knowledge.

Simone Harrison

Brooklyn, NY

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